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Five books of place poems by Lucas Hunt

Thane & Prose, of New York, is pleased to announce the publication of a five-book series of poetry by Lucas Hunt. 

Each book revels in a different place: IOWA, HAMPTONS, NEW YORK, PARIS and ROME. The series traces a poet’s progress through time and space in the epic tradition. IOWA, was released in 2016, and HAMPTONS in 2019. NEW YORK will arrive in 2022, followed by PARIS and ROME.


The series begins in the farmlands of rural IOWA, where small town life changes little yet is subject to the seasons. The narrative migrates to the historic villages and pristine beaches of the HAMPTONS, where life by the sea becomes a form of salvation. The grand lyrical tour travels next to the raw and futuristic city of NEW YORK, where a modern muse dissects the grit and ascends the heights of society. The last two volumes in the series explore the mythical gardens, sculptures and fountains of PARIS, and finally succumb to the shadow filled streets of ancient ROME in a lyrical daze.

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