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"A sweeping, cinematic vision, magnificent in scope, timeless but timely. The best book of modern poetry I've ever read." –Simon Van Booy

“IOWA is the hush of fields, the stench of pig shit, the early evening air broken by birdsong. It's a native son's departure and return to the land that birthed him, and that holds the remains of so many that came and left before him. Hunt's voice captures this paradox. It is irrepressible but measured, rustic but refined, precise but with a wildness that spills off the page." –Sarah Gerard

“Homer, Kerouac and Daedalus would easily yield to the irrepressible instinct of the boy from Iowa who emerges from the shores of Long Island to the canyons of New York, where he finds manhood, failure and success among the entanglements of power, love, and the very words on his page. It is my sure view that Mr. Hunt's body of work will elevate the form of poetry—while ushering in an American voice as vivid, vast and confident as America itself.” —Thane Boulton

“IOWA is chock-full of effective imagery. It recreates the complexity of a field, with its energies and subtleties, in a distinctly sensuous way. The language is fresh, the picture is clear. Mr. Hunt elevates the descriptive and employs interesting metaphors…. wonderful poetic music, mining a wide vocabulary for its sonic properties. The imagery is as precise; form and content most effortlessly merge. His poems bristle with energy, and are a pleasure to read.” –The East Hampton Star

"Lucas Hunt crafts poetry of grace and wisdom from simple elements and simple narratives. From these he extracts powerful senses of story, drama, and tension that explore the nature of nostalgia, reaction, and human capacity. A romantic and a humanist, Lucas inscribes his scenes with a flourish not from description but the invocation of attitudes, atmospheres and sympathies. His work expresses its lyricism with dexterity and patience in favor of surplus or indulgence, and conveys beauty with sonorous language metered with melody." —The Red Branch Journal

"In simple, elegant language Hunt luxuriates in the beauty of a the American pastoral and and urban scene. Hunt has taken such an overflowing abundance of perception and emotion, refined it to such a level of clarity there is a sense that the meadows and sky are finally revealing their inner self and secret at last. It is Hunt’s triumph to deliver their message in startling images with his fearless grasp of love, longing and loss."  –Jane Anderson, poet of No More Masters, No More Manuscripts

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