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New York is the third book in a five book series of poems about places of inspiration.

NEW YORK is the third book out of a five-book collection of autobiographical, place poems that sublimely detail the city from the perspective of a man charging in with wide eyes from a childhood on a pig farm in Iowa, and formative, literary years in South Hampton. The glamour and the ordinary interchange effortlessly in NEW YORK, revealing a newly vibrant city as vast with possibility as a blank page ripe for Mr. Hunt’s poetry. With lyricism and an irrepressible beat, NEW YORK defines a spectrum of urban experience with a deft hand and simultaneous voices of energy and solace. 

Lucas Hunt was born and raised in rural Iowa. His work has been published in the New York Times, and received The John Steinbeck Award for poetry. He is the president of HUNT Philanthropy, and lives in New York City.

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