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NEW YORK (Thane & Prose, 2022) is the third volume in a five-book series that traces the poet’s progress through places of epic inspiration. NEW YORK is about the streets, people, monuments, parks and bedrooms of the city that never sleeps. It sticks existence in your face and says give me all your wild imaginations, and they will come true. The next book in the series is PARIS (2025), followed by the finale ROME (2028).

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9th Street


City of smoke and steam

I do not know what you mean,

the fog is thick and white,

streets are full of life.

Empire State


Sing the spring chorus of muses,

tower elite, flowering avenues

support a pageantry of small feet,

wings fly, immerse windows

in light and let fervent rain

water budding parks, fingers of grass

massage nude backs and bed the lovers—

ode to you unending patient city,

celebrate angels, outsoar catacomb

subway terminals to mount steep stairwell

with satanic energy, a crowded

street and sidewalk, elevated oneness,

high the sun of summer skies above us.

Never the Same


My best is yet to come

what was today


every little light

means hours

before tomorrow.


Were it anywhere else

it would not be

such chaos

combines to form


of door and train.


Garbage fragments

float over a new river

because the water

there is never

the same as yesterday.


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